June 17, 2024

$11mn Deal With US To Bolster Kenyan Textile & Apparel Sector

Kenya has signed an $11 million deal with the United States facilitated by USAID to boost its textile and apparel exports, Kenyan President William Ruto announced.

According to the President, the investment would expand the country’s fashion industry, grow its apparel manufacturing base and introduce new vertical integration capabilities to the textile sector.

“40,000 farmers are already farming cotton and producing 20,000-40,000 bales annually. This deal has potential to increase cotton acreage to achieve at least 260,000 bales annually,” he said.

“The government has increased the acreage under cotton cultivation from 44,000 acres in the previous year to 104,000 acres this year, which will increase domestic cotton production,” he stated.

“Our strategic interventions in the textile and apparels sub-sector have provided Kenya with a competitive advantage, attracting investors and growing the manufacturing base,” he added.

“This has not only led to increased exports, but also expanded job opportunities for factory workers,” the President informed.

“This partnership embodies Kenya’s future, a future built on sound investments, with skilled labour, efficient technology, quality manufacturing and strong links to global markets,” Ruto said.

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