June 17, 2024

7,000 Buyers From 84 Countries Visit Groz-Beckert ITMA Stall

At the recently concluded ITMA 2023, Groz-Beckert presented its innovations to more than 7,000 buyers who visited their stall and these visitors came from 84 countries, and which also includes over 280 students.

The majority of visitors came from Italy with just under 15 percent, followed by Germany with 14 percent, Turkey with 11 percent, India with 9 percent and the USA with 3 percent.

For the first time, HR specialists were on hand at the Groz-Beckert booth to look after the student groups, offering the young people comprehensive insights together with experts from the Technology and Development Center (TEZ).

Groz-Beckert presented numerous innovations from its six product divisions Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Tufting, Carding and Sewing at the ITMA. One focus of the innovations was on the topics of efficiency, process stability and sustainability.

While the topic of sustainability was reflected in the products on one hand, a separate area in the Groz-Beckert Gallery was dedicated to the topic on the other. Here it was shown what contribution Groz-Beckert is making to making its own productions and its sites sustainable.

The Gallery also offered insights into general topics relating to Groz-Beckert in form of graphics, animations and videos. Small explanatory texts provided additional background information. The Gallery enabled visitors to get to know the company from a different perspective.

A special attraction at its booth was the Cooperation Corner of the Knitting product area. Here, two new knitting systems and a new compound needle for circular knitting machines were presented, which were developed together with machine manufacturers.

In addition, live presentations were held to highlight the successful cooperation in greater detail. The flat knitting, legwear and warp knitting product groups also had innovations in store like special application needles, long-life needles, new modules and system parts.

The Weaving division impressed trade show visitors with its innovative technical weaving reeds, while the Felting (Nonwovens) product area presented two world firsts at the fair. One was a needle with a new notch design and the Groz-Beckert felting needle module for the innovative MicroPunch intensive needling technology (Dilo).

The Tufting product area presented its proven Gauge Part System for the production of tufted floor coverings. Various new and further developments were also on show in the Carding product area. For the nonwovens industry, the division presented, among other things, the world’s finest interlinked card clothing for reduced crash risk.

For the spinning industry, the area exhibited a new maintenance-free reel clothing with increased service life and lower maintenance costs.

The Sewing product area also enjoyed a high number of specific visitors with the focus on various special application needles. Likewise, the patented quality management system, Ideal Needle Handling (INH) received a lot of attention.

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