April 20, 2024
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AATCC Chlorine Test Control Fabric Tests Chlorinated Water

AATCC has launched a new Chlorine Test Control Fabric for use with TM 162 Colorfastness for swimming pools with chlorinated water.

“This sunny yellow control fabric enables testing laboratories to evaluate colour change when textiles are exposed to chlorinated swimming pool conditions,” AATCC said in a press release.

Proper use of the control fabric serves as a quality control check to confirm required testing conditions are met.

The cheery yellow control fabric undergoes processing and evaluation alongside a test specimen. By verifying the expected colour change on the control, laboratories can ensure compliance to TM 162.

The release of this new tool upholds AATCC’s longstanding commitment to advocate for industry transparency, reproducibility, and continuous improvement.

For over 100 years, AATCC has developed definitive standard methods and materials that enable objective evaluation of textile performance.

The association encourages professionals to leverage these resources to support product claims, optimise processes, and make informed decisions backed by science-based data.

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