June 17, 2024
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Archroma Displaying Planet Conscious Innovations At Techtextil

Archroma is bringing its planet conscious innovations to Techtextil that deliver optimised productivity, enhanced sustainability and value creation.

Archroma will introduce its new Super Systems+ concept and highlight breakthrough product innovations in Hall 11, Booth B-41.

Drawing on the industry’s broadest product portfolio, the Super Systems+ suite encompasses wet processing solutions that deliver measurable environmental impact from sizing to finishing.

They are durable colours and have functional effects that add value and longevity to the end product; and cleaner chemistries that eliminate harmful or regulated substances.

For the automotive industry, Archroma is introducing Dorospers KHF, a new range of high-lightfast disperse dyes that provide optimum build up on polyester microfibre, including artificial suede for car interiors.

For nonwoven applications in healthcare, hygiene and filtration, Archroma recommends Appretan FFX6750, a new addition to its range of high-performance zero-formaldehyde acrylic copolymers, and Appretan FFX1540.

Appretan FFX1540 is a new APEO free and formaldehyde free self-crosslinking polymer, medium soft with very low tackiness, and very strongly hydrophobic.

They have been developed for chemical bonding of nonwovens and for coating of technical textiles, where low water absorption and high-water tightness are required, combined with high durability.

For workwear and uniforms that protect people under adverse conditions, Archroma solutions include Helizarin Ultra-Fast, for printing with pigment dispersions and metallic pigments.

For the same application, it has the new Albafix Eco Plus wet fastness improver.

Archroma’s breakthrough PFC-free Phobotex R-ACE durable water repellent delivers excellent water repellence while preserving fabric quality and ensuring sustainability.

Archroma has also expanded the revolutionary Avitera SE Generation Next range of resource-saving dyes with new colours.

Further solutions for active wear and workwear include the newly launched bio-based Phobotex NTR-50 durable water repellent product, which is PFAS free, formaldehyde free and crosslinker free.

For the same segment, the Swiss company also offers Nylofixan HFS, a new fixing agent for polyamide and blends that is fully compliant with the latest restrictions on bisphenol compounds.

Archroma is also launching Arkophob NTR-40 which is its first crosslinker with an improved sustainability profile. Its monomers are partially derived from renewably sourced, plant-based raw materials.

Another new innovation is biocide-free OX20, an odour-neutralising technology launched by Archroma in partnership with Sanitized AG.

For home textiles, mills and brands can select Arkofix NZW formaldehyde-free resin for high whiteness and extraordinary product stability, with no yellowing during storage at elevated temperatures.

For a super-soft handle, the Siligen EH1 is a vegan silicone macro-emulsion softener with 35 percent plant-based active content.

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