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Arvind Ltd Reports Strong Q4 FY24 Performance

Arvind Ltd has announced robust operational and financial performance in Q4 FY24, reflecting the success of its strategic initiatives amidst global challenges. The highlights include:

Financial Performance (YoY):

  • Overall revenues reached Rs 2075 cr, marking a solid 10% growth.
  • Record EBITDA of Rs 243 cr, surge by 27%, with a margin increase to 11.7%.
  • PAT reached Rs 99 cr, the highest in the past seven quarters, with a growth of 19%.
  • AMD (Advanced Material Division) achieved an all-time high revenue, EBITDA, and margin of Rs 387 cr, Rs 61 cr and 15.8%, respectively.
  • Net long-term debt reduced to Rs 399 cr and ROCE improved to 14.8%.

Business Highlights:

  • Textile and AMD segments witnessed healthy volume growth, contributing to a 10% YoY revenue increase.
  • Textile division revenue stood at Rs 1,504 cr with an EBITDA of Rs 173 cr, while AMD recorded its highest-ever revenue of Rs 387 cr.
  • The consolidation of AMD businesses under “Arvind Advanced Material Ltd” aims for streamlined operations and strategic growth.
  • Sustainability initiatives, including a biomass-based boiler at the Naroda denim plant, reinforce Arvind’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

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