June 17, 2024

Asahi Kasei & Lenzing Partner On Circular-Driven Textiles

Roica by Asahi Kasei, a pioneer in premium stretch yarns, and Tencel by Lenzing AG, a leader in wood-based cellulosic textile fibres have partnered to introduce a new concept of sustainable and circular-driven textiles.

After extensive years of R&D Roica and Tencel together are now able to offer contemporary, responsible, quality, and performing fibres for a new generation of design.

These performing fibers are used across the collections of both partners; either fabric manufacturers or brands.

Roica continues to redefine the standards of contemporary fashion, intertwining elegance with responsible consciousness towards a future where fashion and sustainability coexist in harmony.

Clothes and fabrics made with Roica V550 inside keep their shape and colour whilst also being highly eco-responsible.

While, Lenzing with its flagship brands Tencel Lyocell and Tencel Modal is found in the collections of many leading designers and renowned brands and retailers.

Lenzing is now able to offer fibres made from controlled or certified sourced natural raw material wood, refined to maximise resource efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

The journey towards circular economy needed a further step and a vision shared by both partners was to move quicker and to do better, ensuring an improved end of life to fabrics and garments.

Roica V550 is the world’s-first sustainable degradable yarn by Asahi Kasei and it partially degrades under ISO 14855-1 tested by OWS, decomposing into CO2 and water.

It is also a world-first, Cradle to Cradle-Certified stretch (elastane) yarn with a Material Health Gold Level Certificate.

Tencel fibres are made of wood from controlled or certified wood sources. This natural origin has an impact on the environmental footprint of production, but it also has implications for the end of life of the fibre.

Tencel Lyocell and Tencel Modal are biodegradable in marine water, fresh water and soil1.

The collaboration between Roica and Tencel is a testament to the power of partnership in driving innovation and sustainability in the textile industry.

It showcases a shared commitment to reducing environmental impact, enhancing fabric performance, and leading the way towards a more sustainable and circular future.

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