April 17, 2024
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Avient Unveils Deep Jet-Black Shades To Its Colourants Range

Avient Corporation, a supplier of specialised and sustainable material solutions and services has added new black colourants to its Renol Fibre Colourants portfolio.

“These colourants can achieve intense, high-quality levels of deep jet-black shades (jetness) in polyester textiles who seek a more luxurious appearance,” the US headquartered company said in a press release.

According to Avient, the textile market has long sought deep black colourants that offer exceptional jetness to textiles without incurring high costs.

“Deep black is perceived by customers as more attractive, conveying an impression of high quality in contrast to less intense black shades, which can look washed out,” the company added.

“In addition to a high level of jetness, deep black colourants require very high light fastness (resistance to fading and discoloration when exposed to light) for automotive applications.

And robust wash fastness (resistance to frequent washing) for sportswear, and resistance to fading from frequent use for fashion and home textiles.

“Satisfying all of these needs for deep black colourants in the textile industry has proven to be challenging as certain colour technologies could meet only one or two requirements,” said Mauro Dallavalle at Avient.

The new deep black colourants are part of the Renol Fibre Colourants portfolio, a range of colour concentrates specially formulated for dyeing synthetic yarns using the spin-dyeing (dope-dying) process.

In this dyeing process, colour is added during the yarn manufacturing, which reduces the number of steps and energy used to dye yarn.

This process also uses no water, making it a more eco-conscious alternative to traditional wet dyeing methods.

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