April 17, 2024

AxisValence Helps Neutralise Static Charge In Textile Machines

AxisValence, a business unit within the A.T.E. Group, primarily serves the print and packaging industry, but also plays a significant role in certain segments of the textile industry as well.

AxisValence specialises in designing and manufacturing application-oriented products with an aim to enhance safety, quality, and productivity while minimising wastage.

“In the textile sector, our focus lies in supplying products for electrostatic control. Effective neutralisation of static charge is crucial for ensuring smooth processes,” KV Sanil Kumar, Vice President at AxisValence said.

Sanil Kumar emphasised the importance of controlling static by saying that uncontrolled static can adversely affect productivity and attract dust and dirt from the environment.

According to him, electrostatic charges are generated during processes involving contact and separation and AxisValence offers solutions like both passive and active static discharging bars to address these issues.

Static discharging bars find applications in various textile segments, including processing, warping, spinning and fabric forming.

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