June 17, 2024

Baldwin Highlighting Texcoat G4 Finishing System At ITMA Asia

Baldwin Technology will be educating visitors to its stall at ITMA Asia on how to ‘Start with Baldwin and Finish with Perfection’ thanks to its TexCoat G4 precision spray finishing system in Hall 5, Stall C-22.

ITMA Asia visitors will be able to see Baldwin’s wide array of TexCoat G4-applied fabric samples from textile mills around the world.

“They will be able to experience what finishing feels like while learning how the technology eliminates chemistry waste on changeover, saves water, and achieves faster speeds through the stenter frame and relaxed dryer,” the company said in a press release.

Baldwin’s team will be available to discuss how the company’s technology can meet the textile supply chain’s sustainability and carbon footprint goals while improving performance and saving money.

According to the US based company, in the context of a cost-sensitive global economy and an increased focus by brands, consumers and regulatory agencies on sustainability, customers are placing a premium on sustainability-advantage textile production.

“We saw enormous interest at ITMA 2023 in Milan with more global textile finishers excited to put TexCoat to work,” said Rick Stanford, Baldwin’s VP Global Business Development (Textiles).

“They can expect increased profitability, lower energy use, and reduced carbon footprint in addition to exercising precision control with our patented precision spray technology,” Stanford added

TexCoat G4’s non-contact spray technology offers numerous advantages compared to outdated finishing-chemistry application methods.

TexCoat G4 processes a wide range of low-viscosity water-based chemicals, such as durable water-repellents, including PFAS-free, softeners, anti-microbials, easy-care and flame retardants.

The company’s technology uses the same chemicals as found in traditional pad baths with no special auxiliaries required.

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