April 20, 2024

Bangladesh Clothing Overseas Shipments Drop 6.05% In November

Bangladeshi apparel exports fell to US $4.78 billion in November 2023, decreasing by 6.05 percent year on year and garment shipments were the highest in the month, since the fiscal began in July 2023.

“Exports of clothing dropped to $22.3 billion in the five months to November of fiscal 2024, down 1.82 percent from a year ago period,” data released by Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau said.

Between July and November 2023, exports of home textiles from Bangladesh plunged 42.27 percent year over year to $299.4 million.

According to experts, exports have mainly slipped due to the protests by garment workers who sought higher minimum wages.

These protests came at a time in the busiest period for garment exporters, who normally work over time to meet deadlines of orders for the festival season in the US, EU and other western markets.

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