April 20, 2024

Biggest Chinese Cotton Growing Region Turns Into Textile Hub

Xinjiang province in China which accounts for 90 percent of total Chinese cotton production is now becoming a textile and apparel production centre.

As of date, there 3,720 textile and clothing manufacturers compared to only 711 in 2014

Attracted by the advantage of easy cotton availability, 1,340 of the 3,720 companies have invested from outside of Xinjiang province or various other parts of China.

Growing at an annual rate of 19 percent, the Xinjiang textile and apparel sector has attracted investments totaling Yuan 283 billion since 2014.

According to Chinese experts, over the previous few years, quality of cotton grown in the province has improved steadily, while the area under cotton cultivation too has risen to 35.58 million acres.

Many cotton ginning factories have also been set up in various areas of the province, due to which transport costs of ginned cotton bales are reduced for spinning mills.

The province now also has a polyester staple fibre manufacturing facility and another plant is projected to start in early 2024.

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