April 17, 2024

Chinese Cotton Yarn Imports Up A Massive 90.2% In November

Chinese cotton yarn imports in November stood at 153,300 tons, a massive increase of 90.2 percent from a year ago month.

Among imports of cotton yarn from various countries in November, those from Vietnam accounted for 45 percent, Pakistan 19 percent and India 13 percent.

71 percent of cotton yarn imports from Vietnam were for open end yarn and cotton yarn with count below 32’s.

On the other hand, India’s total cotton yarn exports in September was 103,100 tons, up a significant 289.6 percent year on year, while in October it stood at 100,600 tons, again up 254.27 percent.

Experts aver that Indian cotton yarn exports which were sluggish for a long period, have now started picking momentum.

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