April 17, 2024

Chinese Viscose Yarn Exports Hit Seven Year Low In Jan-Feb

Chinese viscose yarn exports in the first two months of 2024 totaled 13.18 kilo tons, a seven year low and was also down by 29 percent from a year ago period.

Of this, export of single ply viscose yarn touched 9.24 kilo tons, a massive year on year decline of 40 percent, while exports of two ply yarn stood at 3.94 kilo tons, dropping by 27 percent.

Chinese customs statistics revealed that overseas shipments of viscose yarn have been down since the last five months.

Between January and February 2024, exports to India fell to 7-year record low, falling by 95 percent from its peak.

Viscose yarn exports to India, Vietnam Brazil, Bangladesh and Pakistan amounted to 10.70 kilo tons in the reporting period, slipping by 32 percent and accounting for 84 percent of overall viscose yarn exports.

According to experts, the seven year low of viscose yarn exports was mainly due to falling exports to India, where they have reduced 95 percent from its peak.

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