June 17, 2024

CITI CDRA Empowers Cotton Farmers in Maharashtra Through Workshop

A significant workshop was conducted by CITI CDRA on August 24, 2023, dedicated to the HDPS pilot project for cotton cultivation. Held at KVK Selsura in Wardha district, Maharashtra, the event aimed to enhance the knowledge and practices of special cotton project farmers for the upcoming year, 2023-24.

The workshop drew the participation of 120 farmers from 7 clusters within Wardha district. The engagement was facilitated by Cotton Extension Assistants, Project Officers, as well as the CITI & CDRA team. The chief scientist offered invaluable insights into elevating yield through High Density Planting System (HDPS) and the significance of optimal plant spacing. Discussions also covered the timely application of Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) and the utilization of pheromone traps for pest management, enlightening the farmers about their benefits.

The workshop saw the participation of esteemed individuals, including Dr. Y G Prasad, Director of CICR, Prabhakar Shivankar DSAO, Agriculture Department, Wardha, Dr. Jivan Katora, Principal Scientist at KVK, Selsura, Dr. Ramkrishnan, Senior Scientist at CICR, Dr. Rachana Pande, Senior Scientist at CICR, Dr. Ramteke, Senior Scientist at CICR,Dr. Shailesh Gawande, Senior Scientist at CICR, Govind Wairale, State Coordinator at CITI CDRA, Dr. Shirsath, General Manager at Ankur Seeds, Dr. Samir Wadyalkar, Ankur Seeds and Gaurav Mankar, Rasi Seeds.

A highlight of the event was the recognition bestowed upon progressive farmers from the previous year who successfully adopted HDPS and achieved higher yields. These farmers were honored with mementos by esteemed guests including the Director of CICR and DSAO.

The workshop concluded with field visits to the farms of participating farmers, facilitating practical application of the knowledge shared. This initiative by CITI CDRA serves to empower cotton farmers in Maharashtra and propel sustainable agricultural practices.

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