July 15, 2024
Product Launch & Innovation

Colossustex Unveils 99% Effective Anti-Bacterial Graphene Yarn

ColossusTex has launched Graphene yarn, a 99 percent effective anti-bacterial yarn, which inhibits bacterial growth, eliminates odours, and significantly reduces the chance of skin diseases.

The incorporation of far-infrared health care technology promotes microcirculation on the body surface, enhances blood circulation, and boosts cellular metabolism.

“Additionally, its antiviral properties showcase an impressive inactivation rate against SARS-CoV-2 of 99 percent, H1N1 of 99.99 percent and HFMD at 96.89 percent,” a ColossusTex press release stated.

The Anion Generation feature of the Graphene Yarn not only purifies the skin surface but also contributes to purifying the air.

UV protection ensures a shield against harmful rays, reducing the risk of skin diseases. Moreover, the anti-mites property inhibits the reproduction of mites, thereby reducing skin problems.

The Graphene yarn is available in various polymers, including polyester filament, nylon filament, and cotton nylon blends, offering versatile solutions for a wide range of applications.

Furthermore, ColossusTex unveiled three new yarns – Cotlook, Magic Sparkle, and Silkshine – aimed at reducing yarn consumption in the carpet industry.

These innovations not only contribute to making businesses more sustainable but also highlight ColossusTex’s dedication to minimising environmental impact across the textile value chain.

“ColossusTex’s Graphene yarn marks a significant leap in innovation and sustainability,” Rohit Dev Sethi, Managing Director at ColossusTex said.

‘We are thrilled to launch this groundbreaking product, a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries,” he added.

“These advancements underscore our dedication to future-proofing businesses, ensuring sustainability, and delivering substantial returns on investments through groundbreaking approaches,” Sethi stated.

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