June 17, 2024

Combination Of MS & Kiian Digital Printing On Display At ITM

MS and Kiian Digital will be together participating at ITM 2024 and will be showcasing solutions which are a mix of MS’s experience in digital printing machines and Kiian’s experience in water-based inks.

The two companies will be exhibiting at Hall 4, Booth 404A, where they will display the MS JP7, a scanning printing machine and Kiian Pigment 4K, which is a patent pending digital pigment ink.

Also on show is the Colour Pack, a colour management software that balances printer, ink set, print head, and fabric to offer the best final printing output matching customer’s colour preferences.

“Technology will change the global textile industry paradigm by leading companies who choose digital pigment printing”, Matteo Forte, MS & JK Global Product Marketing Manager said.

“Our pigment printing solution is fast, flexible, sustainable, and user-friendly and it reduces the production steps of the printing process by 50 percent,” Forte added.

According to a press release, the positives of Ms digital pigment printing solution include on-demand printing and no pre & post-treatments are required thanks to Kiian digital pigment 4K.

The solution also offers 50 percent less time in color management and calibration resulting in faster color matching and there is also a up to 20 percent increase in color gamut via color pack.

When considering sustainability, the technology offers water, energy, and chemicals savings and also reduce environmental impact by 95 percent compared to reactive digital process.

The technology also dramatically reduces water consumption during the printing process by up to 90 percent.

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