April 17, 2024

Cotton Made In Africa Inks Partnership With Avon

Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) has inked a partnership with Avon, a first in the cosmetics sector, which is part of Brazil-based Natura & Co, one of the world’s largest cosmetics groups.

In addition to using sustainably produced raw materials, Avon aims to achieve certification and traceability and to address both environmental and social aspects for its products containing cotton.

“We have set ourselves the target of using only cotton that is traceable, by 2025, and certified, by 2030,” Natalie Deacon, Avon’s Global Sustainability Head said.

“CmiA is the ideal partner to support us in pursuit of this goal, which also contributes to a better world for women, as women play a vital part in CmiA’s work in Africa,” Deacon added.

“We are happy to welcome Avon as our first partner from the cosmetics sector,” Tina Stridde, MD of Aid by Trade Foundation, the parent of CmiA said.

“This partnership helps us to expand training and projects and to further extend social and environmental advantages of sustainable cotton cultivation for small African farmers,” Stridde too added.

As a new purchaser of CmiA-certified cotton for products including women’s nightwear, Avon will rely on CmiA’s HIP system, which ensures full transparency and traceability for raw materials.

Avon also benefits from this partnership in that CmiA cotton has been proven to have a smaller environmental footprint than other cotton as it is produced without irrigation or genetically modified seeds.

The CmiA standards set out clear criteria regarding gender equality and women’s empowerment, encouraging the non-discriminatory provision of resources, services, and opportunities.

This includes pay and benefits, terms and conditions of employment, complaint mechanisms, and flexibility regarding work, training, and other opportunities available to women at the farm and ginnery levels.

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