April 20, 2024

Datatex Strengthens Presence In Indian & Pakistani Textile Markets

Datatex, a global leader in IT solutions for the textile industry, is expanding its footprint in the Indian and Pakistani markets. Having been active in India through partners and resellers since the early 2000s, Datatex made a significant move in 2017 by establishing its Bangalore office, now employing over sixty professionals.

Datatex’s commitment to the Indian market is evident with the inauguration of a new office in Coimbatore in October 2023. This new facility will operate under the direct purview of the Indian headquarters in Bangalore, enhancing support for the growing number of Indian textile companies that have adopted Datatex’s NOW ERP solution for their IT system management.

In Pakistan, Datatex is taking its presence to the next level by opening an office in Lahore. With a dedicated team, this office will provide tailored support to Pakistani textile firms, offering solutions and technical assistance for the digitalization and innovative IT management of production processes.

The textile and fashion industry is a vital segment of Pakistan’s manufacturing sector, employing over 15 million people and accounting for 70 per cent of exports. India, on the other hand, has become one of the world’s largest textile producers and exporters, ranking fourth globally. With more than 45 million people employed in the sector, India’s textile industry enjoys strong government support. The government’s initiatives include plans for seven new textile industrial mega-parks in 2023 (PM-MITRA), a significant budget allocation of nearly 500 million euros for 2023-2024 (a 22.6 per cent increase from the previous year) and the launch of the SAMARTH development programme, aiming to train over one million new workers for the textile sector over the next three years. India’s textile production is anticipated to reach a GDP of $250 billion, with exports totaling $100 billion by 2025.

Datatex’s global presence now extends to the USA, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Serbia, and Germany.

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