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Dilo Group Unveils Innovative Solutions For Nonwoven Industry At Techtextil 2024

At a recent in-house exhibition hosted in Eberbach, Germany, on the sidelines of Techtextil 2024, Dilo Group, a trailblazer in nonwoven fabric technology, unveiled a spectrum of cutting-edge solutions that underscore the company’s pivotal role as an innovator in the global nonwovens industry. This event not only served as a platform to showcase advanced technologies but also stood as a witness to the visionary leadership of Johann Philipp Dilo, the CEO of Dilo Group. Collaborating with his daughters, Rebekka and Riccarda Dilo, Dilo is steering the group towards new horizons, with a strategic focus on burgeoning markets in Asia, notably India.

During an enlightening discussion, Johann Philipp Dilo delineated the potential of nonwoven technologies in meeting the diverse demands of Asian markets. The recent inclusion of Dilo’s daughters into the company marks a refreshing era of leadership, poised to blend tradition with modernity. Rebekka and Riccarda Dilo bring fresh perspectives, placing emphasis on innovation and sustainability, imperative for penetrating dynamic markets like India, where there is a burgeoning demand for versatile, advanced and eco-friendly textile solutions.

A standout feature of the exhibition was the introduction of Dilo Group’s upgraded Micropunch S technology. This innovative technology emerges as a promising alternative to the prevalent spunlace process, as elucidated by Hansjörg Richter during a discussion with Nirav Shah of Diagonal Consulting (India). Leveraging enhanced mechanical bonding, Micropunch S technology yields fabrics that are not only more versatile but also exhibit superior integrity and texture, essential for hygiene, cosmetic, medical and other lightweight nonwoven applications ranging from 30-160 gsm. This advancement is particularly significant as it provides an eco-friendly option by curtailing water and energy consumption compared to spunlace, aligning seamlessly with the global movement towards sustainable manufacturing practices.

Complementing this unveiling was the debut of the Hypertex line, tailored for the fabrication of lightweight sandwich structures comprising reinforced nonwoven layers. This innovative solution enhances both strength and stiffness in the machine direction (MD) and cross direction (CD), catering to diverse applications such as needled filtration, roofing materials, as well as specialized footwear and apparel, offering versatility across a wide spectrum of industries.

Dilo Group continues to set benchmarks with its comprehensive range of solutions catered to the nonwovens industry. With a nuanced yet profound commitment to quality and innovation, the group is poised to lead the nonwovens sector towards a more sustainable and efficient future. The insights unveiled during the exhibition not only reinforce Dilo Group’s market leadership but also underscore its strategic focus on harnessing growth opportunities in Asia.

Courtesy: Nirav Shah, Co-Founder & Partner – Diagonal Consulting (India).

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