April 17, 2024

Domestic Textiles Shows Strength in Natural Fibres At Bharat Tex

Domestic Textiles, a division of Grasim Industries participated at Bharat Tex 2024 and showcased its strengths in natural fibre segments like linen, wool, and cotton.

Founded in 1949, Domestic Textiles operates through three key units – Jayashree Textiles, Vikram Woollens, and Grasim Premium Fabric.

The company sources authentic European flax and offers a wide range of pure and blended linen products and is sold under the brand and retail chain named Linen Club.

With over 8,500 multi-brand outlets and 220 exclusive stores, Linen Club is also a supplier of choice for providing high quality linen fabrics to top brands like Louis Philippe, Blackberrys and more.

“The company also excels in producing high-quality merino wool and offers a diverse range of worsted wool products,” Domestic Textiles said in a press release.

It also manufactures premium cotton fabrics under brands like ‘Soktas’ and ‘Giza House,’ serving leading Indian and global menswear brands.

With Sustainability ethos at its core, the unique ‘Wealth-out-of-Waste’ initiative by the company is a testament to their commitment to good fashion.

The initiative is centered on the idea of a circular economy and involves recycling and reusing waste linen materials.

Here, the waste that is generated during flax production is upcycled to create blended yarn, linen-rich fabric and ready to wear apparel.

“Domestic Textiles, as a market leader, prioritises eco-friendly practices across its entire value chain,” the Aditya Birla Group company added.

From sourcing authentic European flax for linen production to implementing waste-to-wealth initiatives, the company steadfastly reduces its environmental footprint.

16 percent of consumption is derived from renewable energy sources, while strict adherence to waste management policies includes the segregation of hazardous, non-hazardous, recyclable, and non-recyclable waste.

Grasim Premium Fabric, Jayashree Textiles, and Vikram Woollens were also recognized with the esteemed Corporate Excellence Award at the CII-ITC Sustainability Awards 2022 for their sustainability efforts.

“Our showcase at Bharat Tex highlights our dominance in three natural fibre-based businesses and waste-to-wealth initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to innovation-driven transformation,” CEO Satyaki Ghosh said.

“As we participate in Bharat Tex 2024, we proudly uphold Domestic Textiles’ legacy of authenticity, innovation, excellence, and sustainability,” he added.

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