June 17, 2024

Dornbirn GFC 2023 Huge Success With 550 Delegates

The recently concluded Dornbirn GFC 2023 was a huge success as it saw participation of more than 550 delegates from over 30 countries and included 125 presentations on various topics.

The main presentation topics were on fibre innovation, recycling; circular economy, sustainability, nonwovens, technical textiles, sports and apparel were presented.

“We see new strategic partnerships being formed to take advantage of new opportunities around innovation, circular economy and new business models,” Robert van de Kerkhof, President of the Dornbirn GFC said.

“The 62nd edition of the Dornbirn GFC shows once again that it is the perfect place for such new partnerships,” Kerkhof added.

“We feel proud that leading representatives from politics, the energy sector and also from many companies and start-ups from the entire fibre value chain came together to exchange ideas to accelerate progress in greening our industry,” Fritz Weninger, MD of the Dornbirn GFC also said.

For all those who could not attend the conference, all the presentations of the Dornbirn GFC 2023 were recorded and are available online till September 30, 2023.

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