April 17, 2024

Egypt Set To Open Biggest Spinning Mill With 182,000 Spindles

Egypt is all set to inaugurate its largest spinning mill in El Mahalla El Kubra city in February, which has been set up by the Cotton and Textile Industries Holding Co, a government entity.

The new project was implemented under the national project for the development of the spinning, weaving, and textile industries, Minister of Public Business Sector Mahmoud Esmat told Al Arabiya.

In July 2020, the the Cotton and Textile Industries Holding Co signed a contract to establish a spinning mill at Misr Spinning and Weaving Company in El-Mahalla El-Kubra.

Established on a 62,500 sq. metre area, the factory has over 182,000 spinning spindles with an average production capacity of 30 tons per day of coarse and fine yarn counts and has the latest technologies.

Esmat also added that the ministry is looking forward to offering a bundle of investment opportunities to government entities for partnership with the private sector in 2024.

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