June 17, 2024

Emtec Showcasing TSA Tactile Sensation Analyser At Hightex

Emtec Electronic GmbH will be displaying the Emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyser, which represents a significant advancement in haptic testing technology at Hightex exhibition in Istanbul.

The portable lab device evaluates the hand-feel of fabrics with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, measuring softness, smoothness, and stretch and recovery parameters within two minutes.

“Comparisons to results with traditional hand-panel testing methods using ‘touch experts’ reveal a correlation of up to 100 percent,” the German company said in a press release.

The TSA’s capabilities have been further enhanced with additional features and reliably measures a product’s thermal properties, delivering data on how warm or cool a material feels to the touch.

The updated TSA utilises an improved method for measuring springback behaviour, accurately capturing a fabric’s ability to return to its original shape after deformation.

This allows manufacturers to evaluate the elasticity and resilience of textiles, ensuring they meet specific performance standards.

A built-in camera captures detailed images of fabric structure, weave, and other visual embellishments, facilitating optical analysis.

Developed in collaboration with Black Swan Textiles, the Virtual Haptic Library is an online database that digitises and categorises TSA sample data, enabling seamless collaboration and quality control.

“With improvements to the established TSA, manufacturers have even more tools to define and enhance their product’s appeal,” Alexander Gruener, Business Development Manager at Emtec said.

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