April 23, 2024
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Erca Group Spins-Off Textile Auxiliaries Into Separate Entity

The Erca Group has spun-off Erca Textile Chemical Solutions (TCS) as an independent company within the Erca Group and will be completely dedicated to the textile industry.

“The decision to make Erca TCS a separate company stems from the desire to focus exclusively on solutions for the textile industry and to build an agile entity,” ECS Group said in a press release.

Erca TCS activity is based on the principle of green chemistry and offers the textile industry, chemical solutions that make concrete the concepts of safety, performance, and circularity.

Its flagship product, Revecol is manufactured from critical waste materials or from used vegetable oils, through a process which is attentive to environmental compatibility and safety.

“Revecol is an innovative, certified, high-performance textile chemical auxiliary usable by the entire textile industry and is known for its exceptional characteristics,” the Italian group added.

“Now, thanks to the spin-off of Erca TCS in to an independent company, targeted research and investments will allow for the further expansion of the range of textile products,” the group stated.

“We established Erca TCS with the goal of making it an international benchmark for sustainable innovation, thus contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact,” Erca TCS CEO Fabio Locatelli said.

Erca Group has six plants in three regions namely Europe, Latin America, and Asia and produces chemical specialties and auxiliaries with an approach for responsible innovation.

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