April 17, 2024

EU Parliament Revises Timeline On Textile Labeling Regulation

The European Union Parliament has revised the timeline for the textile labeling regulation, which was originally planned for fourth quarter of 2023, but has now been rescheduled for fourth quarter of 2024.

The European Union Commission had earlier presented an EU strategy in March 2022 for sustainable and circular textiles as part of the circular economy action plan.

Textiles were identified as a key product value chain that requires urgent EU action due to their high usage and adverse environmental impact.

The strategy aims to ensure that by 2030, textiles in the European countries are produced responsibly by respecting social rights, recyclable, free of hazardous substances and durable.

According to the EU, textiles should be collected at the end of their lifetime, and destroying them or filling in landfills should be curtailed, but should be recycled and make textiles circular.

One of the key measures to achieve true circularity for textiles and footwear is the Digital Product Passport (DPP).

The DPP will serve as a comprehensive framework for brands to provide information about their products, including sustainability and circularity parameters.

Key elements of the DPP like the unique product identifier, relevant commodity codes, compliance documentation, and information related to the manufacturer, have already been published.

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