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Global Swimwear Trends: Focusing On Innovation, Functionality, Sustainability & Inclusivity

Swimwear has evolved by embracing elements of athleisure, emphasizing inclusivity, prioritizing sustainability and pushing the boundaries of innovation, writes Henry Dsouza, Associate Editor of Textile Insights

Swimwear fashion has witnessed a fascinating evolution over the decades, reflecting changes in societal norms, technological advancements and shifting preferences among consumers. From its humble beginnings as functional attire for beachgoers to its current status as a dynamic fashion statement, swimwear has undergone a remarkable transformation.

In recent years, swimwear has embraced elements of athleisure, blurring the lines between activewear and swim attire. This trend is characterized by the use of performance fabrics, sporty silhouettes and functional features such as UV protection and quick-drying properties. As more people embrace active lifestyles, swimwear that seamlessly transitions from the beach to the gym has become increasingly popular.

Another notable trend in swimwear fashion is the emphasis on inclusivity and body positivity. Recognizing the diversity of body types among consumers, many brands are expanding their size ranges and featuring models of various sizes, shapes and ethnicities in their advertising campaigns. This shift towards greater representation and inclusivity is not only empowering but also reflects the changing attitudes towards beauty and diversity in society.

With growing awareness of environmental issues, there is a rising demand for sustainable swimwear options. Many brands are turning to eco-friendly materials such as recycled nylon, organic cotton and regenerated fibres derived from sources like ocean plastic and discarded fishing nets. By prioritizing sustainability in their production processes, these brands are making a positive impact on the planet while offering stylish and conscientious swimwear choices to consumers.

Swimwear designers are continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, experimenting with new materials, construction techniques and design elements. From laser-cut detailing to reversible styles and adjustable straps for customizable fit and comfort, there is no shortage of creativity in swimwear fashion. These innovative features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of swimwear but also improve functionality and wearability for the modern consumer.

Like all areas of fashion, swimwear trends are influenced by runway collections, street style and cultural movements. Some recent trends include high-waisted bottoms, retro-inspired silhouettes, bold prints and patterns, metallic finishes and minimalist designs with clean lines and neutral colours. Whether you prefer a timeless classic or a fashion-forward statement piece, there is a swimwear style to suit every taste and occasion.

Global Swimwear Apparel Trends and Exports

Swimwear apparel has surged in popularity globally, with exports reaching US$ 6381.57 million in 2022, marking a 20.27% increase over the previous year and a staggering 64.50% growth over the past decade. The United States leads as the largest market for swimwear, importing goods worth US$ 1525.77 million in 2022, representing 28% of the world’s total swimwear imports.

Among exported commodities, women’s swimwear of knitted synthetic fibre dominates, with an export value of US$ 4602.52 million in 2022, accounting for 72% of total swimwear exports and showing an 18.67% growth. Knitted swimwear holds a lion’s share of exports at 92%, totaling US$ 5893.64 million, with a 21.83% growth, while woven swimwear stands at US$ 487.93 million, with a 4.11% growth.

In terms of gender, women’s swimwear takes the lead, constituting 79% of total exports at US$ 5068.72 million, with a 17.67% growth, whereas men’s swimwear exports reach US$ 1312.85 million, growing by 31.46%.

The most exported commodities are women’s knitted synthetic fibre swimwear and men’s swimwear excluding knitted or crocheted, with respective exports of US$ 1987.71 million and US$ 899.92 million in 2022, showing growth rates of 17.85% and 34.68%, respectively. Men’s knitted swimwear of synthetic fibre follows closely, with exports totaling US$ 391.19 million, growing by 34.49%.

China remains the leading exporter, commanding a 37% share of global swimwear exports in 2022, totaling US$ 2387.36 million, with a 20.84% growth over the previous year and a remarkable 106.09% growth over a decade. Vietnam emerges as the second-largest exporter, with exports reaching US$ 607.68 million in 2022, growing by 32.37% and accounting for 10% of global exports. Bangladesh, now the third-largest exporter, saw exports of US$ 340.38 million in 2022, growing by 49.72% over the previous year and holding a 5% share of global exports.

India’s exports, while modest at US$ 10.85 million in 2022, show a notable growth of 61.59% over the previous year. India is seeing a big change in swimwear fashion. People are now more into health and fitness, and this has led to a rise in swimwear popularity. Instead of sticking to old styles, like bikinis and one-pieces, Indians are trying out new things like swimming dresses and burkinis.

Domestic brands are stepping up with designs that fit Indian women better, while international brands are also catching on. Swimwear is not just for the beach anymore; it is becoming part of traditional outfits, especially at weddings.

Innovation is key too. Brands are focusing on making swimsuits that make people feel good and are eco-friendly. With all these changes, India’s swimwear scene is making a big splash, both at home and abroad.

Innovations In Swimwear

ThirdLove’s Swimwear: Innovative Solutions for Self-Confidence
ThirdLove, renowned for its inclusive sizing and body-positive approach, is making a splash in the swimwear scene with its debut collection. Designed to address common swimwear challenges, such as fit and support, ThirdLove’s swimwear line offers innovative solutions inspired by their bestselling T-shirt bra. With features like adjustable straps and anti-chafe closures, the collection ensures comfort and confidence in and out of the water. CEO Heidi Zak emphasizes the brand’s commitment to meeting customer needs, stating, “We’re thrilled to provide women with swimwear that truly supports and embraces their bodies.”

YITTY’s Shaping Swim: Sculpting Smoothing & Curve-Enhancing Swimwear
YITTY’s revolutionary Shaping Swim collection marks a groundbreaking evolution in swimwear, driven by the demand for shaping and smoothing technology akin to their signature Nearly Naked shapewear line. After meticulous development and testing, YITTY unveiled seven shaping silhouettes in six vibrant colours and one captivating print, catering to diverse body types.

Engineered with double-layered tricot compression zones and strategic stabilizers, the sculpting swimwear pieces offer comfortable smoothing and curve-enhancing effects. Transitioning effortlessly from pool to beach, these sleek styles redefine swimwear comfort and support for spring break, summer vacations, and beyond.

With its fusion of style, technology and empowerment, YITTY’s Shaping Swim collection sets a new standard in the swimwear category, offering supportive and comfortable options for every body size from XS to 6X.

HUE’s Women’s Swimwear To Make A Fashion Statement
Renowned NYC-based brand HUE made a splash in the swimwear scene with its debut collection launched in late March 2024. Drawing on their expertise in high-quality women’s clothing, HUE’s swimwear line combines comfort, style and versatility to meet the needs of modern women.

Featuring reversible tops and bottoms that offer four distinct looks from a single combination, HUE’s swimwear caters to customers who value freedom and individuality in their fashion choices. With a vibrant colour palette, trendy patterns and meticulous attention to detail, the collection promises to make a statement in the fashion world.

Knix Revolutionizes Swimwear With Leakproof Technology
Knix, the global intimates and apparel brand, is making waves with the release of their newest Knix and Kt by Knix swim collections. Featuring vibrant colours, captivating prints and innovative Leakproof technology, this collection aims to revolutionize the swimwear experience.

With a mission to empower individuals and promote body confidence, Knix addresses a significant issue faced by teens: the impact of periods on swimming activities. Recognizing that 51% of teens miss out on swimming due to their menstrual cycle, Knix introduces patented Leakproof swimwear designed to alleviate stress and provide maximum protection.

Knix’s groundbreaking Leakproof Swim technology absorbs 1.5 – 3.4 teaspoons of liquid, equivalent to 1 – 3 regular tampons, offering standalone or backup protection for lighter or heavier period days. With Knix’s Leakproof swimwear, individuals can dive into the water with confidence, free from worries about embarrassing mishaps.

Popvil’s Mermaid Glow: Elevating Swimwear With Glowing Fabrics
Popvil, the rising star in swimwear, introduced its Mermaid Glow collection, featuring high-end self-developed fabric that glows and shimmers when exposed to light and water.

Developed after a year of research and development, Popvil’s Mermaid Glow fabric combines thermochromic materials with glitter yarn, resulting in a luxurious, glittering effect. Chief designer Rita explains the technical challenges involved in achieving this effect, emphasizing the importance of thousands of practices to perfect the ratio and ensure a stunning visual appeal.

Popvil’s reputation for designing swimwear to suit the needs of customers who lack body confidence is well-established. With a focus on providing safety, support and coverage, their swimwear has garnered praise from customers who appreciate its ability to enhance their confidence and make them feel secure.

The Mermaid Glow collection is designed to make women feel like enchanted beings, glowing with radiant beauty as they enjoy their beach vacations. Inspired by the wet look “shower makeup” trend, the collection aims to make all women feel as stunning on the beach as mermaids, exuding confidence and charm.

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