June 17, 2024
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Govt Planning QCO In Build Tech Segment Of Technical Textiles

The Indian government is planning to introduce Quality Control Orders (QCOs) targeting 11 key technical textile products in the build tech category.

The government is doing so to step up safety standards of clothing used by workers and professionals in the construction sector.

These QCOs are specifically designed to elevate the quality and performance of fabrics used in protective clothing, as well as in scaffolding nets, ropes and tarpaulins.

The move is part of the government’s effort to limit dumping of cheap Chinese products and help India improve its position in the global manufacturing and supply chain through a focus on quality control.

The implementation of the proposed QCOs will significantly increase the protection of workers in the construction industry and reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.

“The key objective behind introducing QCOs for build tech textiles is to provide quality products for workers and reduce the mishaps at construction sites,” a source told Live Mint.

“The step will improve the quality of products and put a check on import of substandard products,’ the source added.

Following the notification of the QCO, manufacturers of all such goods will be required to meet the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Failure to comply will attract hefty penalties.

QCO is a regulatory mandate to ensure that certain products meet specific standards of quality and safety and is enforced by the BIS, an arm of the consumer affairs ministry.

“Technical textiles are designed for performance. Products such as ropes, scaffolding nets, tarpaulins, and other similar items must meet specific technical specifications,” another source added.

“These include load-bearing capacity, to ensure they function effectively and safely in their intended applications,” the second source informed.

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