April 22, 2024

HeroWear Exosuits Increase Workplace Productivity By 8%

HeroWear, a leading manufacturer specializing in soft, textile-based exoskeletons known as exosuits, released a new industry report demonstrating an 8% increase in productivity through the use of their technology. Conducted in collaboration with an international grocery retailer, the study also revealed a 30% reduction in work-related lower back discomfort and a 39% decrease in effort required for job tasks. Over a nine-week span with 40 employees using the HeroWear Apex 2 exosuit, productivity was measured by cases picked per hour, showing a significant improvement.

Mark Harris, CEO and co-founder of HeroWear, emphasized that the study not only highlights the technology’s role in reducing injury risks but also showcases its impact on driving productivity. Workers expressed willingness to continue using the exosuits, indicating a positive reception. HeroWear’s online tool, calculating the Apex 2 exosuit’s return on investment, considers factors like injury rate reductions, productivity improvements and recruiting and retention enhancements. In warehouse settings, an 8% productivity improvement could lead to the exosuit paying for itself in less than five months and reducing costs by $3,900 per worker per year in the first year of use.

Karl Zelik, Chief Scientific Officer at HeroWear, noted that the findings align with academic research, emphasizing the dual benefits of exosuits in enhancing worker safety and operational performance.

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