June 17, 2024

HMX Offers Sustainable Cooling Systems For Industrial Sectors

HMX, an A.T.E. Group company, offers cooling solutions based on water rather than refrigerant gas, as water-based cooling always supplies only fresh air as against refrigerant air, where air is just re-circulated.

HMX stands for ‘Heat Mass Exchange’ and is a company which manufacturers sustainable cooling options called Dama heat exchangers.

HMX was set up 20 years ago but came into the A.T.E Group fold in 2008. Its plant was previously located in Bengaluru and was shifted to near Ahmedabad in 2020.

“Today we have inaugurated our second plant, with plans to add more plants in the future,” Mayank Singhal, President at HMX said.

HMX caters to all industrial sectors, particularly where the atmospheric or workplace temperature is very hot.

“In case of our cooling systems, the capital cost is less when compared with refrigerated systems. The water is constantly re-circulated through the system and evaporation is very less,” Singhal pointed out.

HMX has installed its Dama heat exchangers in various textile mills like Mangal Textile, Pan Health, Siyaram Silk, Ktex, Page industries, Vardhaman Fabrics, KPR Mills, Bharat Tissue and many more.

According to Mayank Singhal, HMX has a major market in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia and many other countries across the world.

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