HNI Corporation Receives DOE Better Project Award

HNI Corporation has received the DOE Better Project Award. The award recognizes HNI’s exceptional achievements in implementing energy-efficient initiatives within its manufacturing operations, particularly regarding the optimization of paint booth ovens. By incorporating air curtains designed by HNI, the company successfully reduced oven energy demand by up to 30% per unit while also stabilizing oven temperatures. These improvements enhance efficiency, decrease overall greenhouse gas emissions and foster a better working environment for employees.

“Partners in the Better Plants Challenge are industry leaders in energy efficiency and decarbonization. As a recipient of the Better Project award, HNI has demonstrated an innovative pathway to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions that other organizations can learn from,” stated Carolyn Snyder, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Buildings and Industry at the U.S. Department of Energy.

“HNI is dedicated to improving operations and combating climate change to create a better, more sustainable tomorrow. Our sustainability efforts are deeply ingrained in our culture of continuous improvement. We take pride in this achievement and the success of this project as we strive to discover new and improved methods to enhance efficiency in our operations,” commented Lisa Brunie-McDermott, HNI Director of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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