April 20, 2024

Indian Cotton Yarn Exports Surge 293% YoY In September

China Slips to Second Place in Indian Cotton Yarn Market, Bangladesh Claims Top Spot

In September 2023, the export dynamics of Indian cotton yarn (HS 5205) witnessed notable shifts. The total export volume reached 103,100 tons, marking a significant year-on-year surge of 293.11%, despite a month-on-month decline of 11.12%.

China, traditionally a dominant market, slipped to the second position in the Indian cotton yarn export landscape. Indian cotton yarn exports to China totaled 24,328.02 tons in September, reflecting a substantial year-on-year increase of 1836.13%, though experiencing a month-on-month decrease of 44.62%.

Analyzing the market share, China’s position dropped to approximately 24%, signifying a 14% reduction compared to August 2023. In contrast, Bangladesh surged to the top, holding a 41% market share—a 15% increase from the previous month. Egypt secured the third position with a 5% market share. Except for China, Portugal, and Turkey, the market shares of other countries remained stable or increased compared to August 2023.

Examining the export volume to China, a year-on-year increase was evident, while a month-on-month decrease was noted. Bangladesh showcased remarkable growth with a staggering 4547.78% increase in year-on-year exports and the highest month-on-month increase among all countries.

Observing the specific varieties of Indian cotton yarn exported to China, all four major types experienced a year-on-year increase. The carded single yarn 8-25s dominated, constituting 28.40% of the total exports with 6,909.52 tons. Combed single yarn 8-25s and combed single yarn 25-30s accounted for 12.74% and 8.38%, respectively. The combed single yarn 30-47s represented the highest export volume at 30.06%, totaling 7,313.84 tons.

Indian cotton yarn exports demonstrated a notable year-on-year increase but witnessed a decline compared to the previous month. Key markets included Bangladesh, China, and Egypt. While exports to China increased on a yearly basis, a month-on-month decrease was observed. Among the four major yarn varieties, combed single yarn 30-47s held the largest export volume.

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