June 17, 2024

Itema Group To Promote Development Of Uzbek Textile Sector

Uztekstilprom, an Uzbekistan textile association held a meeting with Ugo Gilardi, CEO of Itema Group, a leading manufacturer of advanced weaving machines.

Ugo Gilardi stated that he has familiarised himself with the development of the Uzbek textile industry and for further development, he advised Uztekstilprom to produce high value fabrics like technical textiles.

“He also spoke about opening a representative office as well as an Itema service station in the central Asian country,” Uz daily reported.

Among many issues that were discussed, he also promised to provide advanced training to Uzbek textile technicians

It was also agreed that specialists from Italy will be sent to Uzbekistan to conduct marketing research.

Itema is one of the largest manufacturers of advanced weaving machines and exports its technologies to more than 100 countries and in 2022, the Italian company revenues amounted to $306 million.

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