July 16, 2024

Jeanologia Calls For Collective Action On World Water Day

Fabric to apparel finishing technologies supplier Jeanologia has appealed for real change towards concrete and collective action coinciding with ‘World Water Day’ celebrations.

The Spanish company is celebrating World Water Day under the slogan of ‘Water, a shared responsibility’.

Since its foundation, Jeanologia has led sustainable change in the textile industry, thanks to its innovative technologies, which have drastically reduced water consumption.

Its technologies have also helped in minimising use of chemicals and energy and eliminating harmful emissions and discharges.

In 2023, Jeanologia set a record in its environmental P&L statement, by measuring contaminated water that is no longer discharged as well as reduction of toxic emissions.

According to the company, its technologies have saved the planet 20,265,581 cubic metres of contaminated water in 2023, equivalent to more than 1,200,000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

“Additionally, 97,895,304 kilograms of CO2 emissions were reduced, equivalent to carbon absorbed by a forest of 9,800,000 trees,” the company claimed.

“The key to success lies in the integration of eco-efficient technologies in all stages of production, from fabric to garment finishing,” Jeanologia said in a press release.

In this way, water consumption in the garment finishing process has been drastically reduced, from 70 litres to just 1 litre per garment.

These technologies have also significantly reduced the use of chemicals and energy, as well as emissions and harmful discharges derived from textile production, all without compromising quality or design.

Furthermore, Jeanologia’s eco-efficient technologies include the H2 Zero effluent recycling plant, a key component of their Mission Zero initiative.

This innovative system is able to recover 95 percent of water used in the production process and plays a vital role in creating a closed-loop system, ensuring minimal water wastage.

Thanks to H2 Zero, water is treated without chemicals, maintaining optimal conditions for reuse, aligning with Jeanologia’s commitment to environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

Additionally, Jeanologia’s Air Fibre Washer project focuses on removing microfibres from garment finishing process, thereby preventing these microfibres from contaminating marine ecosystems.

Jeanologia also recognises the importance of measurement and transparency in environmental impact.

For this reason, over 10 years ago, it made available to the industry the Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) software.

This software is used worldwide by more than 100 brands and 400 laundries worldwide to measure and improve their collections, avoiding greenwashing and being completely transparent.

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