April 20, 2024

Keel Labs Debuts T-Shirt Produced From Seaweed Fibre

Keel Labs has debuted a t-shirt produced from Kelsun fibre, the company’s flagship product made from seaweed.

Created to demonstrate Kelsun’s plug-and-play potential in replacing conventional fibres used in the textile industry, this t-shirt marks the first Kelsun garment made using traditional knitting machines.

The Kelsun T-Shirt was created using 70 percent Kelsun and 30 percent cotton blended yarn, showcasing Kelsun’s simple familiarity in a jersey knit, one of the most fundamental knit constructions.

The Kelsun t-shirt also features a screen print using Living Ink’s Algae Ink, printing Keel Labs’ signature brand element, the Spun K, on the t-shirts pocket.

According to Keel Labs, the Kelsun t-shirt was brought to life by climate activist and environmental educator Aditi Mayer.

“As a sustainable fashion thought leader, Aditi unpacks the relationships between fashion and the social threads that connect us to our clothing,” the US based lab said.

“With a brand’s material choices alone being responsible for over half its total emissions, there’s a dire need for the industry to revisit its chosen fibres,” Aditi Mayer said.

“Kelsun’s ability to create an option that integrates a renewable source, addresses fashion’s plastics problem, and also eliminating pesticide use and agricultural land use is incredibly promising,” she added.

Keel Labs claims that Kelsun is able to reduce water usage by 70 times and land use by 100 percent when compared to cotton by utilising seaweed, one of the most regenerative and renewable organisms.

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