April 22, 2024

Kelheim Fibres & Santoni Bag 2023 ITMF Cooperation Award

Kelheim Fibres, a manufacturer of specialty viscose fibres and Italian textile machinery manufacturer, Santoni Spa, were honoured with the ITMF International Cooperation Award 2023.

This recognition by ITMF, acknowledges achievements in global collaboration within the textile industry in alignment with the values of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Together, Kelheim Fibres and Santoni have developed an innovative and sustainable period panty, built upon advanced machine technology and high-performance viscose fibres.

The result is a sustainable and high performance underwear garment that seamlessly combines comfort and functionality, while offering excellent performance and reliable protection for the wearer.

Santoni’s specialised machinery enables a significant reduction in fabric waste, or even the potential for entirely waste-free production, while enhancing production efficiency, leading to cost savings.

Kelheim Fibres’ wood-based specialty fibres, such as the trilobal Galaxy and the hollow Bramante fibre, replace synthetic materials in the absorbent core of the menstrual underwear.

“At Kelheim Fibres, we are dedicated to the open innovation approach and by collaborating with partners, we craft innovations that draw the best from all sources,” Natalie Wunder, Project Manager at Kelheim Fibres said.

“This partnership not only consolidates expertise but also accelerates the entire innovation process,” Wunder added.

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