April 17, 2024

Knitwear Hub Tiruppur Takes Rapid Strides In Turning Green

India’s biggest knitwear textile cluster is taking rapid strides in offering sustainably produced garments and so, Tiruppur garment makers plan to supply atleast 28-30 percent of garments made from recycled textiles in the near future.

The European Union has set stringent sustainable goals for European garment brands, due to which a flurry of activity is being witnessed from these brands to offer clothing either produced through a sustainable process or from recycled materials.

And also with sustainability becoming a focus for European consumers, brands like Decathlon, Marks & Spencer, Primark, Tesco, etc too are urging Tiruppur companies to offer fashion apparels made from recycled textiles.

Of the total revenue of around Rs 60,000 crores generated by Tirupur clothing manufacturers, both from domestic and export markets, currently approximately Rs 1,100 crores is garnered from garments made from recycled textiles.

Recently, the sustainability team from Primark visited Tiruppur and expressed interest in sourcing more apparel produced from recycled cotton, or recycled polyester made from PET bottles.

There has been a slowdown in demand from Tiruppur’s main garment export markets like the US and the EU since the last one year and so offering sustainable fashion could be a way out for Tiruppur clothing manufacturers to maintain the export momentum.

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