April 20, 2024
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Late Winter Troubles Woollen Clothing Producers & Retailers

Although winter season is nearly half way through, woollen clothing manufacturing and retailers are facing a demand slowdown as the temperatures have still not dropped in several parts of India.

Due to the late arrival of winter or it not remaining cold throughout the winter months in the last few years, the retailers had already been facing stagnation in woollen clothing sales.

So, the retailers as well as woollen garment manufacturers have started selling at discounted rates in order to not carryover the stocks to the next season.

Retailers said that consumers are not visiting their stores to purchase woollen apparels even though nearly half the winter season is over.

“We were first hit by demonetisation, then Covid-19 and now late arrival of winter. Only incentives from the government can help us,” Vinod Thapar, President of Knitwear and Textile Club told ToI.

“There is only 5 percent increase in sales compared to routine days. Apart from late arrival of winter, low demand is also a major reason,” Charanjit Singh, an industrialist added.

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