April 20, 2024

Lenzing Organises Conclave In Textile Hub Of Ahmedabad

The Lenzing Group, a producer of cellulose fibres organised the ‘The Lenzing Conclave’ in Ahmedabad to exchange ideas on new developments and future opportunities with sustainable textiles.

Renowned as a significant textile base with leading fabric mills and traders, Ahmedabad has been a stronghold for Lenzing fibres, extensively utilised across various applications for several years now.

The conclave served as a pivotal platform for industry stakeholders in Ahmedabad to convene and, also for showcasing Lenzing’s enduring commitment to innovation and responsible manufacturing.

Attendees engaged with Lenzing’s commercial and technical teams to explore latest innovations under Tencel and Lenzing Ecovoro fibre brands, including the recently launched Lenzing Ecovero black fibres.

“There was a good focus on developing products which are a blend of Tencel fibres and cotton, suitable for Indian domestic consumption,” a Lenzing press release said.

Ahmedabad’s fabric mills and traders, long-standing consumers of Lenzing fibres, have played a vital role in shaping end fabrics with applications spanning fashion, denim, home textiles, and intimate wear.

“These fabrics, made from Lenzing fibres, have gained prominence in both, export markets and domestic retail,” the Austria headquartered company added.

The conclave delved into global fibre and material consumption trends, providing insights into the anticipated changes in the immediate future.

Attendees gained valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of the textile industry and the role sustainable practices play in shaping its future.

The exhibition at the conclave featured an extensive display of Lenzing’s latest innovations across major segments, including denim, home linens, intimate & loungewear, general outerwear, and traditional wear.

This hands-on experience allowed participants to explore the versatility and quality of Lenzing fibers, reinforcing their position as industry leaders.

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