June 17, 2024

Nobeltex & Picanol Introduce Picanol Ultimax to Boost Printex in Egypt

In a momentous collaboration, Nobeltex and Picanol have proudly introduced the first-ever Picanol Ultimax in Egypt, exclusively tailored for the esteemed customer Printex. This milestone achievement underscores the partners’ unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the Egyptian textile industry through innovative technology.

The successful implementation of the Picanol Ultimax at Printex signifies a significant leap forward in the strategic partnership between Nobeltex and Picanol. By delivering state-of-the-art solutions, the companies are poised to elevate and transform production capabilities within the Egyptian textile sector.

Nobeltex expresses pride in contributing to this technological breakthrough and eagerly anticipates the continued success and growth of Printex with the integration of advanced and innovative solutions. This collaborative journey reflects a shared vision for progress and underscores the dedication of Nobeltex and Picanol to advancing the textile industry on a global scale.

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