June 22, 2024

‘Our Customers Appreciate Our Long-Term Strategy & Comprehensive Offerings’ Says Dr. Uwe Rondé

At the ITM 2024, Saurer showcased its extensive range of machinery and services and highlighted the company’s long-term strategy and comprehensive offerings. Dr. Uwe Rondé, CEO of Saurer Group, shared exclusive insights into the company’s approach and the trends in the Turkish market with Textile Insights

Saurer’s booth featured the latest ring spinning machine, rotor spinning, twisting machines and Texparts. Dr. Rondé explained that the focus is on presenting the entire range, allowing customers to appreciate Saurer’s full capabilities.

“We want our customers to see our long-term strategy and comprehensive offerings,” said Dr. Rondé. “The exhibition is a meeting point for existing and invited customers, ensuring to have meaningful interactions. We had fruitful conversations throughout the exhibition.”

Dr. Rondé noted a significant trend towards automation in Turkey. “Turkey is no longer a low-cost country. Our customers understand the need to increase efficiency, reduce labour dependency and focus on high-quality products,” he said. This trend is driven by relatively higher labour costs compared to other regions, pushing the demand for advanced technologies.

Turkish clients demand extensive support from Saurer, including technological consultations, spare parts and service support and discussions about future trends. “Customers are keen to understand new spinning technologies and discuss automation possibilities. They value in-depth, experience-driven discussions with our specialists,” Dr. Rondé added.

Dr. Rondé expressed his satisfaction with the exhibition’s location. “Istanbul is well-connected from all parts of the world and serves as a perfect connection point between western and eastern cultures,” he said. “The infrastructure is excellent, making it an ideal location for such exhibitions.”

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