April 22, 2024

Piyush Goyal Welcomes Epic Group’s US$100 Million Investment In Odisha

In a significant stride towards bolstering India’s manufacturing prowess, Epic Group’s Executive Chairman Ranjan Mahtani and Aryan Mahtani met Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry of India. The focal point of discussion was Epic Group’s ambitious blueprint to channel a US$ 100 million investment into Odisha, India, for the establishment of an innovative manufacturing plant.

Minister Goyal extended a warm welcome to the proposed investment, wholeheartedly endorsing Epic Group’s “Made in India” initiative. Foreseen as a catalyst for economic growth, this venture is poised to ignite a surge in job creation and propel manufacturing capabilities in the region of Odisha.

The whole-hearted support from Minister Goyal marks a significant milestone in Epic Group’s mission to elevate India’s manufacturing standards on the global stage. Expressing gratitude for the Minister’s invaluable time and guidance, the Epic Group team reiterated its commitment to collaborate closely with the government in realizing the nation’s industrial potential.

This promising alliance between Epic Group and the Indian government not only promises a brighter future for the Indian industry but also underscores the collective determination to unlock the nation’s boundless opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

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