Polytex Awarded ISO 14001 Certification For Sustainable Operations

Polytex Technologies has achieved ISO 14001 certification, a significant milestone in its dedication to sustainability. The certification recognizes Polytex’s successful implementation and upkeep of effective environmental management systems, confirming its adherence to international standards. Organizations opting for Polytex solutions are choosing an eco-friendly option for their workwear management needs.

Yariv Matzliach, CEO of Polytex, said, “As demonstrated by our ISO 14001 certification, Polytex takes a proactive approach to sustainable operations and business practices. We know that improving efficiency, reducing waste and costs and continually improving environmental performance are key goals for our customers. We are proud to support their sustainability programmes with advanced workwear management solutions that empower them to reduce textile consumption and laundry waste, while also improving productivity for more sustainable operations overall.”

Polytex employs several strategies to reduce its manufacturing’s environmental impact. All machines are produced on demand, eliminating material and energy wastage from over-production and inventory. Additionally, the company recycles older machines, refurbishing and selling them to customers, further curbing waste and consumption.

With increased scrutiny from regulators, shareholders and consumers, Polytex’s customers now prioritize environmental considerations. ISO 14001 certification offers third-party verification that their workwear management solution aligns with their sustainability goals.

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