April 17, 2024

Recover, Evlox & Jeanologia Unveil Recycled Denim Capsule Line

Recover, Evlox and Jeanologia will showcase their new recycled denim capsule collection, Reiconics at Denim Première Vision in Milan.

The collection is the result of a collaborative project between the three companies, combining expertise from each specialist business, to improve circularity in the denim industry, from fibre to finish.

It aims to inspire and bring value to the industry by creating truly circular products through a process that implements eco-design, transparency, process measurement, traceability, and scalability.

Made from Recover recycled cotton fibre and Spanish cotton, the Reiconics collection is GRS certified and is a tribute to the classic denim fabrics that have been successful in past decades.

It includes a range of premium denim fabrics developed by Evlox and a total of 14 final garments that will be exhibited at Premiere Vision Denim.

Each piece in the collection displays a variety of finishes generated using technology by Jeanologia, reducing water and energy consumption, and eliminating damaging emissions and discharge.

A jacket in the line using 32 percent Recover recycled fibre and Jeanologia finishing technology, saves up to 760 litres water, compared to a jacket made with virgin cotton and treated with traditional finishing techniques.

“Recover is proud to be part of the Reiconics collection, a groundbreaking project that will pave the way toward a more sustainable future,” Alfredo Ferre, CEO at Recover said.

“Together we are offering brands a pathway to reduce their environmental impact caused by raw material production and waste,” Ferre added.

“This capsule is another milestone in the challenge of making circular fashion accessible to everyone, without compromising the denim heritage,” Francisco Ortega, Evlox R&D Director.

“The Reiconics line creates an inflection point where technology, innovation, creativity, circularity, and sustainability are keys to success,” Enrique Silla, CEO at Jeanologia stated.

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