June 17, 2024
Product Launch & Innovation

SA-Dynamics Develops Bio-Based & Degradable Insulation Textile

SA-Dynamics has developed bio-based and bio-degradable, a recyclable insulation textile to sustainably insulate heat and reduce energy consumption and which can replace synthetic insulation materials.

The bio-based recyclable insulation textiles consist of 100 percent bio-based aerogel-fibres, which are sustainably sourced and contain up to 90 percent air, trapped in the nano-pore system of the aerogel-fibres.

The insulation textiles made from bio-based aerogel fibres are said to insulate the same or even better than synthetic insulating materials of fossil origin like PET, PE or PP and mineral or stone wool.

“By using bio-based aerogels, we are doing away with fossil-based materials and doing something for the environment and climate,” Maximilian Mohr, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at SA-Dynamics said.

“We are thus meeting the regulatory measures of the EU and the governments of many countries for more climate and environmental protection,” Mohr added.

“By using bio-based, recyclable aerogels, we can revolutionise the world of construction. Come to Techtextil at the Elmatex joint booth in hall 12.0 stall D-63,” he stated.

The Aachen-based company is made up of researchers from the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) and the Institute of Industrial Furnace Construction and Heat Engineering (IOB) at RWTH Aachen University.

SA-Dynamics has also won the Techtextil Innovation Award in the ‘New Technologies on Sustainability & Recycling’ category for the technology.

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