SAFIR PRO S67: Stäubli’s Latest Weaving Prep Innovation

Stäubli will present its latest high-end technologies, machinery, and solutions for the textile industry, offering enhanced benefits. An innovation to be showcased will be the SAFIR PRO S67, a new generation drawing-in machine for colored warps, dedicated to weaving preparation.

Quality and high-speed processing of warps in weaving preparation:
Introducing the NEW SAFIR PRO S67 drawing-in machine – combining speed and precision! Equipped with Stäubli’s Active Warp Control (AWC) technology, SAFIR machines streamline workflows, resulting in cost savings. Features include color recognition and yarn repeat management, enabling error-free processing even for complex warps.

Experience the remarkable speed and efficiency of automatic drawing-in with the SAFIR PRO S67 model, ideal for cotton fabric mills focusing on colored warp applications. Witness live demonstrations at the booth.

TIEPRO warp-tying machine – operator-friendly and efficient:
Another highlight is the TIEPRO warp tying machine, designed for easy operation and efficient warp tying. With intuitive screens guiding operators, even new staff can quickly learn to use it. Exclusive auto-reverse function detects and corrects double ends before cutting, ensuring smooth processing without requiring an oil bath, thus maintaining high mill availability. Demonstrations available at the booth.

Energy-saving Jacquard weaving solutions:
The SX PRO Jacquard machine offers higher power efficiency and lower energy consumption. Featuring innovations such as low-friction design and integrated power supply, it’s perfectly suited for the Turkish market’s demands, including terry cloth, apparel fabrics, tapestries, and upholstery fabrics. Observe the SX PRO Jacquard machine in action at the demonstration stand.

Shed formation for high-speed frame weaving:
Stäubli to present its latest generation of electronic rotary dobbies, the S3000/S3200 series, designed for ultra-high-speed operation, minimal vibration, and superior reliability. Coupled with the new e32/33 G transmission, the S3280 offers unparalleled productivity and sustainability, with over 93% recyclable materials. Learn about Stäubli’s low-maintenance transmissions for enhanced performance and sustainability.

Carpet-weaving systems for versatile offerings:
Carpet-weaving systems for versatile offerings will be showcased with the ALPHA 580 UNIVERSAL carpet weaving machine, integrated into leading carpet factories for increased productivity and flexibility. Equipped with the LX2494 Jacquard machine, it will ensure operational stability. View the latest carpet samples woven on the ALPHA 580 UNIVERSAL at the booth.

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