April 17, 2024

Saurer Showing Engineering & Technology Strengths At Domotex

Saurer Technologies will be showcasing its engineering, technology, service and automation strengths at the Domotex exhibition in Hanover which will be held from January 11-14, 2024 in Hall 5, Stall E-27.

One of the technologies on display is the CarpetCabler/CarpetTwister 1.12, which has high flexibility and increased productivity and offers possibilities to produce high-quality strands for carpets and other textiles in the most economical way.

Among its many impressive features, the technology offers an energy-saving spindle range and central computer-controlled balloon adjustment.

“Thanks to the fully electronic headstock with inverter drives for the spindle, take up and traverse motion, the 1.12 series offers highest flexibility and increasing productivity,” Saurer said in a press release.

The two-for-one twisting machine TechnoCorder TC2 for technical yarns is characterised by its worldwide unique productivity of up to 400 metre per minute delivery speed.

According to Saurer, the machine concept offers ultimate flexibility in production, material and yarn counts of technical yarns, while the Plus model offers a yarn lubrication device to ease further process steps.

The latest feature, PreciWinding (TC2 Plus), features a newly developed take-up area for producing twist packages of outstanding quality.

Saurer’s core competence, achieving the best twisting quality, comes into play when processing BCF yarns with the direct cabling process.

With Saurer systems, constant maintenance of the yarn speed, yarn tensions and residual elongation in the cabled filament strands are guaranteed, and the yarns always obtain the desired and uniform shape during subsequent heat-setting.

At the Saurer textile laboratory, customer materials can be tested for essential parameters, optimisation potential is determined and the customer receives precise technological recommendations for his facility.

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