Significant Presence Of Italian Textile Machinery Makers At ITM

Italian textile machinery manufacturers will have significant presence either at their own stalls or of their agents or in the Italian pavilion hosted by Italian Trade Agency and ACIMIT at ITM 2024.

16 companies will be exhibiting in the pavilion and includes Bematic, Kairos, Macchine Carù, Martex, Noseda, Ommi, Pafasystem, Pinter Caipo, Proxima, Ramina, Ratti, Sicam, Siltex, Testa and Ugolini.

“For textile machinery manufacturers Turkey is a major trading partner, given the importance of its textile and garment industry on a global scale,” an ACIMIT statement informed.

With regards to Italy’s textile machinery sector, Turkey ranks second among foreign markets, with Italian textile machinery exports in 2023 amounting to €183 million.

“Italy’s textile machinery sector boasts a strong partnership tradition with Turkish textile manufacturers,” ACIMIT President Marco Salvadè said.

“From 2011 to 2023, the local textile industry invested roughly US $80 billion in new technologies, where more of these investments were made in acquisition of Italian machinery,” he added.

“Italy is one of the main suppliers of technology to local textile manufacturers, along with Germany and China,” Salvade stated.

Italy wants to strengthen this leadership position in the Turkish market thanks in part to the latest technological developments being put forward by Italian machinery manufacturers.

The developments are mostly in the digitalisation of production processes, which enhance efficiency and optimisation.

“I am quite sure that visitors at ITM will be able to find at the booths of our exhibitors the most suitable solutions to raise the level of competitiveness of Turkish textiles,” Salvade concluded by saying.

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