June 17, 2024

Simta Unveils Automated Cone Transport & Packaging Solutions At ITMA

India based Simta Machinery displayed and unveiled its automated Cone Transport and Cone Packaging Solutions for the first time in an international exhibition at ITMA 2023.

“Both, Cone Transport as well as Cone Packaging Solutions have been designed and developed to meet the existing challenges of spinning mills. Both are automated solutions which will help increase efficiency of spinning mills,” Senthil Kumar, MD, Simta Machinery Pvt. Ltd., told Textile Insights.

“Each and every spinning mill has different layout, machineries and work culture and so we offer customised and automated solutions. Additionally, these solutions are worker friendly and can be implemented in existing as well as new projects,” he added.

Simta, which manufactures and supplies mainly spinning related technologies, also displayed its other products like Spindle Tapes, Clearer Rollers, Over Head Travelling Cleaners and Bobbin Transport Systems.

“Simta has been participating at ITMA since the 1999 Paris edition. At ITMA 2023, buyers visited our stall from around 30 countries. Our experience has been very good and we are fully satisfied with our participation,” he informed.

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