July 15, 2024
Textile Park

Sircilla Textile Park Units Urge Govt To Settle Unpaid Bills

The weaving units of the Sircilla Textile Park located in Telangana which had closed temporarily in the first week of January have appealed the state government to pay their bills of around Rs 250 crores.

Textile Insights had earlier reported that weaving companies in the Park had shut down to cut down losses as prices of fabrics had dropped and also as the state government had not cleared their bills.

On one side, the weavers were losing Rs 3 per metre and they said that they were not in a position to suffer more losses and so closed their units temporarily.

On the other hand, the state government citing election code of conduct had not paid bills due to weavers of the Park of about Rs 250 crore against purchase of Bathukamma Sarees

Due to these twin factors, the weaving companies found it difficult to run their factories and also were not able to pay wages to their workers.

Now with elections over, the factory owners have urged the government to settle their dues and also place more orders with these units

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