April 20, 2024

Sonovia & Avco Chemicals Unite For Sustainable Indigo Revolution

Sonovia has partnered with Avco to revolutionize indigo dye production, pioneering eco-friendly solutions for the fashion industry.

In a major stride towards sustainable textile solutions, Sonovia unveiled a transformative collaboration with Avco, a global leader in textile processing chemicals, aimed at revolutionizing indigo dye production. This strategic partnership, formalized on December 14, 2023, signifies a joint commitment to environmental sustainability and marks a significant advancement in the textile industry.

Sonovia, a prominent Israeli company specializing in industrial chemicals, has been diligently developing a unique indigo dyeing technology under the trademark D(y)ENIM. This cutting-edge technology boasts substantial benefits, particularly in reducing environmental pollution associated with denim manufacturing. The collaboration with Avco, a prominent Israeli company specializing in industrial chemicals, is poised to elevate Sonovia’s position as a key player in the denim industry.

The collaborative efforts will focus on producing an industrial quantity of unique indigo dye based on Sonovia’s exclusive formula. The primary component of this groundbreaking dyeing process is Sonovia’s state-of-the-art UltraSonic machine. Avco, leveraging its expertise in marketing and selling chemical products internationally, will support Sonovia in promoting and selling eco-friendly indigo dye and technology to global textile and fashion companies.

The successful completion of the first phase is contingent upon achieving key criteria, including reaching a production rate of at least one tonne of the indigo dye per week, meeting quality requirements defined by Sonovia’s first customer, confirming the sale of 80 tonnes of the material, and mutual agreement between the parties.

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